Artist Susan Bartolacci
Medium(s) -  Acryilc paint, Acrylic Ink
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Susan Bartolacci
Artist Susan Bartolacci  -is a life-long resident of Stoney Creek, On. Canada. Exhibiting through galleries and museums as well as in the beautiful Niagara Wine Region, Artists in the Country Carlisle, Stoney Creek/Hamilton area, Port Stanley and the London Fringe Gallery. Most recently, the Hamilton Art Gallery , BCF Studios in Grimsby and in the USA and internationally.  You can also find her work on prints or on elegant blank cards. Susan is a member of the Women's Art Assn. and Arts Hamilton. For commission work, call Susan at (905) 573-3532 or email her at

Artist Statement

Using the mediums of oil and acrylics, I am increasing trying to accentuate the details that render lifelike effects in my painting.  I try to do this in part through a greater focus on vivid colour  and values, capturing the vitality of my subject.

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