Artist John Zsadany
Medium(s) -  Oil
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Artist John Zsadany
Artist John Zsadany: A Flamborough Artist. He uses his oil paints with a style that often staggers between Expressionism and Impressionism, and then back again. Since his retirement, two years ago John had no excuses left, why not explore his life-long passion for Art. Self-taught, he finds inspiration from the beauties of everyday life that surrounds us. He recalls images stored in his memories to drive his Artwork. Most of John's work is a composite of these "snapshots".
Artists Statement

My Art is whatever you feel it to be.

When I paint, my aim is to create a mood using colours and shapes. If any Art is worthy of a second look, then the Artist has hit the mark.

Fueled by my simple belief that "there are NO mistakes in Art" I deliver onto canvas what I feel, and hope that others can sense it as well.

  …a Son, a Brother, a Friend, a Husband, a Dad, a Grandpa…and now,  an Artist.

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The Art of John Zsadany