Artist Don Corby
Medium(s) - photography: nature, botanical
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Photographer Don
              Corby  Photographer Don Corby : has been mastering the art of photography for 36 years.  He became interested in capturing the wonder of nature and the intricacies of botanicals while working in a Weston, Ontario camera shop to pay his way to an engineering degree.

He enjoys close-up botanicals, insects and landscape subjects, exploring and recording the character of the places he visits.  Trips to Yosemite, Hawaii, Britain and the Canadian Provinces have added to his portfolio, but he also enjoys photographing parks, conservation and rural areas around the Niagara escarpment. You will also find Don shooting images of his rural property, wandering around the wildflower and native plant gardens, rose gardens, perennial beds, water garden and natural meadow.

Although experimenting with various photographic techniques, Don enjoys the challenge of capturing nature without contrivance. His photographs represent exactly what the camera (and Don) saw when the shutter was released. Using a Nikon F2 with a 200mm micro lens, Don takes most of his photographs in the early morning when the light is just right, the dew is on the plants and the air is still and fresh.

Don Corby has won many awards for his macro photography, locally and nationally. He teaches macro photography from his home gallery.

Some of Don's Awards

CAPA(Canadian Association of Photographic Arts) -  Spring 2014 Nature Competition - Best Botanical
(Canadian Association of Photographic Arts) -Fall 2014 Nature Competition - Best Botanical
GTCCC (Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs) - 2014 Interclub Nature Competition - Best Botanical

Trillium Photographic Club of Burlington On.- winner of the Louise Elder Wildflower Competiion

Photo Life Canada Magazine "The World We Live In VI" 2017 April/May Issue, 4th place Environment Category, Pictured at top right "Icelandic Poppies"

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