Artist Christine Coughlin-Chan
Medium(s) - acrylic, oil
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Artist Christine Coughlin-Chan :   resides in Guelph, Ontario.  As a child, colour always seemed to catch my attention and create so many emotions for me.  I was forever drawing with my crayons and pencils, and during my school years, Art was a subject that I excelled in. 
     My career path took a direction not related to Art, and I became a Registered Nurse.  I never gave up my love for Art.  Over the many years since Nursing School, and while raising my two children, I continued to pursue my passion through Art courses.  These included many classes of Water colour, Oil, and Acrylic painting, Pastel drawing, Figure drawing, and Oil and Cold wax technique. 
     I am always painting for myself because I enjoy the process.  My goal is to create and move forward.  I am a representational painter, and my wish is for the viewer to look at my work, and feel a memory.  I look forward to painting whenever I get the chance, because that is what I love to do.

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The Art of Christine Coughlin-Chan